How to choose the appropriate translation company

On the Internet there are many translation agencies, and it is very normal to have doubts or do not know that translation company is adequate. All say to offer translations of high quality at very low prices, but unfortunately the reality is quite another. Most cases, cheap strangely just leaving expensive. In this brief article we’d like to offer you 5 tips so you can choose the translation company that suits you not afraid to be wrong.

1 Select a translation company appearing on its website by the physical location of the offices and phone numbers

Avoid the dubious web pages, that do not appear clearly the physical address and phones of the company. Beware of companies whose phones are mobile numbers onlyThere are many “virtual translation companies”, that a problem may “disappear”. But beware, beware also of companies that have an infinite number of addresses of offices or headquarters. They can be simply addresses the translators working with the company.

2. do not choose the more expensive translation quote, but not the cheapest

Be realistic with prices. Normally, by little more than the cheapest price you can be sure to receive a quality translation. If you find surprisingly low prices, suspect, something will be.

Ask for a budget translation that is accurate, closed and immovable. In this way you avoid surprises later. Make sure that displayed the number of words to be translated, the word price, delivery and payment.
Be realistic deadlines, in translations and in almost all areas of life, the rush are not good counselors. Good work requires time.

3 that the customer service is quick and personalized

All translation agencies are great. We don’t have Grandma. All explain how good we are, the years of experience we have and rather than work. But you are looking for a value-added, find something else. Contact the translation company, highly valued as it has been the care you have received explanations, sincerity, the feeling you’ve had. It is not intuition, it is seeing the speed and professionalism in dealing.You can see more information in this article.

Care is personalized, that you have no waiting on the phone or in front of the computer waiting for a budget. That you have a contact person only for you and today do not speak with a person and tomorrow can not do so and have to do it with another.